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Payroll Services


Outsourcing payroll preparation reduces an organization's administrative burden, while increasing reliability and efficiency. It offers savings in both time and money, potentially releasing energies and capacity for the essential daily tasks.

Choice Business Solutions Limited Payroll Services is an established, reliable and secure payroll outsourcing provider to organizations of all sizes and market sectors. The delivery of a cost effective and efficient service is our sole focus. All charges are agreed and fixed up-front, dedicated liaison staff are introduced, and client focused processing schedules are agreed and fulfilled.

Flexibility is our watchword. In a fast-moving global economy the requirements of an organization can quickly change, but one priority remains constant need to process payroll correctly and on time, every time, for everybody.

What We Do

OUR payroll services cover the entire payroll process. This process would normally reside in two departments within an organization: the Human Resources Department and the Accounting department.

The depth of service varies between clients and their particular needs, but one factor is fundamental we quickly become YOUR professional payroll partner. You also have the flexibility to completely outsource payroll services or retain some processes in-house.

We help you save time and money:

  • Decreasing hours used in payroll preparation
  • Eliminating potential risk of penalties due to changing tax laws.
  • Reducing costly upgrades to current software.

We make payroll easy:

  • Just e-mail employee adjustments.
  • Completed payroll is emailed or delivered.
  • Monthly/semi-monthly taxes are completed with confirmations included.

We take care of all aspects of your Payroll

  • Employee pay is provided by direct deposit into their accounts.
  • Summary printouts include all payroll transactions per employee and an overall summary etc.
  • Timely filing of SO1 and payments with confirmations are included.

We file Annual Tax Returns

  • Annual Returns are prepared and filed online.
  • Copies and confirmations are returned in a completed packet.

We provide P24s and P45s

  • Employee P24's and P45's are provided at the end of the year.

How we do it

We work closely with you to:

  • Calculate and validate the payroll
  • Manage deductions and disbursements
  • Produce sealed pay slips
  • Provide secure online employee access to pay slips
  • Directly deposit salary payments to employee bank accounts
  • Accurately calculate, file and pay monthly Payroll taxes
  • File year end Payroll taxes
  • Maintain employee records
  • Seamlessly export data to customized Excel worksheets.
  • Create General Ledger import file with account numbers for each employee.
  • Produce Detailed, Insightful Reports
  • Produce Statutory Summary
  • Produce Payroll Register
  • Record P45 listings for employees as necessary.
  • Conduct pay Reconciliations

Why Us

We are committed to helping companies become more efficienre of the administrative duties so that they can focus on their CORE.

We are a dedicated payroll account manager that carries out all the inputting and processing, ensuring complete compliance preparation and within the required time frame. Simply put, CBS is your preferred partner for accurate, efficient and flexible payroll outsourcing.