Career Management Services- Choice Business Solutions
Career Management Services - Choice Business Solutions

Career Management Service

Gift Certificates:

JA$ 2,500.00 for each
Combo Package two (2) for JA$4,800.00
Combo Package three (3) for JA$6,500.00

GCT not included
    • Career Advice

        How to choose which career is right for you

        What to do after finding the right career path

        Networking and mentorship in that chosen field
    • Resume Building

        Formatting and customizing of one’s resume

        Do’s and don’ts on writing a resume

        Designing resumes for school leavers or persons without work experience

    • Interview Techniques

        How to prepare for an interview

        How to dress for an interview

        The STAR approach for answering questions during the interview

        Do’s and Don’ts for an interview