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CBS Management Team

Ms. Janet C. Smythe

Chief Executive Officer

As society dictates, there are some roles that women were made for, duties that they perform effortlessly, simply because of their sex. A nurturer and cherisher would not have topped the list for entrepreneurs. But with Janet Smythe, CEO of Choice Business Solutions and the brain behind The People Line, you’ll have to think twice. This passionate and powerful go-getter has comfortably taken her place in a world of business and commerce once dominated by men.

Born in the cool environs of Clarendon, she identifies as a calm and skillful country girl, who has gained wealth from the rich experiences that dominate life in rural Jamaica. She attended the Glenmuir High School, from which she graduated in 1978. Her family is known for achieving, in fact, her two older siblings had created a bar of excellence, which she was expected to either match or top. Ironically, little Smythe, much to the disdain of her parents, left high school, with only four O’ Level subjects. She was forced to carve a different path for her success.

Determined to excel, she enrolled at the Shortwood Teacher’s College in 1978. Her success there, set her on a path for a successful teaching career in Early Childhood Education. However, that career path was cut short. In the 1980’s, Jamaica experienced a shortage of Mathematics and Science teachers, this forced Janet to pursue those areas instead. In 1981, she completed her training at the institution and in the same year she started teaching at then Tarrant Secondary School, now Tarrant High School. Decades later she lectured at The University of the West Indies. There she devised a curriculum in Project Management for the Mona School of Business.


Janet’s teaching stint lasted a few years, until her interest in Accounting shifted her professional direction. She is a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians, holds a MBA from The University of the West Indies and a Degree equivalent in Management Information Systems after studying at the London School of Accountancy, making her more than a qualified accounting practitioner and technician. Making the switch to accounting was intentional. Her second job at the then Swift Chemicals, during the 1980s inspired her to tackle the new realm. She has not been able to divorce herself from the accounting profession since then. Computer science is another area she specializes in. Her fondness for computers has grown over the years; and as technological advancements are introduced, her love continues to expand.


Prior to establishing her own enterprise in 2004, the boss lady wetted her appetite in a number of organizations, where she held managerial positions and brought about positive changes that helped with the growth of each organization. Diverse Production UK, KPMG, J Wray and Nephew, Smythe, Witter and Associate, Air Jamaica Holdings and JetBlue Airlines are places that can testify to her talents and leadership qualities. Her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute,which she first gained in 2000 and was then recertified in 2006 assisted in her success. Janet recently acknowledged and responded to her creative talent. In 2018 after years of holding back the artistic soul who that lives within her, she finally tapped into jewelry designing. That’s when she launched her secondary business initiative, The People Line. This revealed another side of her philanthropy. Part proceeds of the profit from the Jewelry she sells is being donated to a Boys Home. You can keep connected to see what the dynamic boss lady will do next by following her social media pages @janetcsmythe Instagram and Twitter and Janet C Smythe Facebook and LinkedIn.

For a greater insight on her skills, see list below:

Project Management:
  • Custom Software Development
  • Business Process Reviews
  • System Migrations/Integrations
  • Enterprise Wide Implementations
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Database Design

  • IT Project Lifecycle:
  • Requirements Analysis
  • RFI and RFP Development
  • ROI Analysis
  • Costing & Budgeting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Testing/QA/Rollout/Support
  • Tablet (iPad) application
  • development and deployment

  • Value-Added Leadership:
  • Facilitation
  • Team Building & Mentoring
  • Client Relations & Presentations
  • Business & IT Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Strong Business Acumen
  • Strong Communicator Verbally and Written
  • Cross-Functional Supervision

  • Calvin Malcolm

    (BSc) General Manager

    Mr. Calvin Malcolm leads of team of dedicated human resource professionals at Choice Business Solutions (CBS).

    He attended the Ardenne High School, where he honed his teamwork skills as a key member of their basketball team. He continued his education at Florida Atlantic University where he achieved a Business Degree in Management Information Systems, which he found to be a harmonious combination of his two interests, Business and Information Technology.

    Mr. Malcolm’s past experience in Supervisory positions at companies like Sprint and Target, prepared him for his position as General Manager at CBS. In his current role, he is focused on streamlining operations, teambuilding and getting the best out of his employees. He is a member of the Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica and enjoys music and sports.

    Shantol Rush

    (Bsc) Human Resource & Culture Manager

    Ms. Shantol Rush is a Human Resource Practitioner who has amassed over five (5) years' experience in Human Resource Management. She is family oriented, an entrepreneur and a dedicated team leader.

    Ms. Rush attended the Queens High School for Girls and later pursued a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in General Management Studies from the University of the West Indies. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of South Wales. Her belief in continuous personal and professional development, encouraged her certification in Understanding & Applying Jamaica Labour Laws and CPR.

    With a belief in balancing work and play, Ms. Rush is an active Outreach volunteer for the Rex Nettleford Hall at the University of the West Indies. She currently assists with the Glengoffe High School Job/Work Experience Programme.

    Going on adventures and finding innovative ways to develop her entrepreneurial venture, is how Ms. Rush spends her free time.

    Tasheca Thomas-Gooden

    (BBa) Accountant

    Mrs. Tasheca Thomas-Gooden is an Accounting Professional, wife, mother, homemaker and entrepreneur. She hails from the quiet district of Burnt Savanah in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

    Mrs. Thomas-Gooden attended the prestigious Hampton School for Girls and gained her BBA in Accounting, Banking and Finance from the University of Technology Jamaica. She is passionate about numbers and has thus dedicated the past six (6) years as the Accountant at Choice Business Solutions Limited.

    An active member of her Children’s Parent Teachers’ Association, Mrs. Thomas-Gooden has received multiple awards for her dedication and contribution to the school. She enjoys reading and being a mother.

    Mrs. Thomas-Gooden is guided by the words, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."