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  • AREA RESTAURANT MANAGER (Kingston, May Pen, St. Thomas & St. Catherine)
  • Digital Machinery Operator

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    AREA RESTAURANT MANAGER (Kingston, May Pen, St. Thomas & St. Catherine)
    Digital Machinery Operator
    Group Key Account Coordinator
    Risk, Compliance and Securities Assistant
    Chief Cashier

    Position: Chief Cashier  

    Division/Department: Accounts  

    Reports to: Accounting Supervisor 

Job specifications  

Minimum Required Education and Experience 

1. Diploma/Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Management  or equivalent  

2. Two (2) to three (3) years overall working experience preferably in accounts in  the Insurance industry.  

Required competencies  


1. Good customer service management skills  

2. Good oral and written communication skills  

3. Good interpersonal skills  

4. Attention to detail and accuracy in work  

5. Very high level of integrity  

6. Self-motivated and demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability  


1. Working knowledge of basic accounting with an emphasis on cash reconciliation  2. Good knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel plus familiarity with the internet  and accessing information  

3. Functional knowledge of Insurance Broking software  

4. Ability to use basic office systems  

5. Ability to use electronic banking payment methods  

6. Compliance with organization and regulatory policies and procedures.  7. Compliance with standard accounting practices.  



Job Description 

Job Purpose  

∙ This position is responsible for receipting, allocating and lodging all funds.  ∙ The incumbent is also responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of cashiering stationery  and supplies.  

∙ The Chief Cashier also acts as custodian for a petty cash float.

Key Outputs 

Performance Criteria 



1. Funds receipted, allocated and lodged  to assigned the company accounts according to  the company and General Accounting Practices  

2. Assigned cash floats reconciled  

3. Assigned JA$D Insurers Accounts  Payable managed. 

No occasion in which the company suffers  a loss due to inefficiencies in the cashiering  function or failure to maintain the company and  general accounting standards  

No instances of funds unaccounted for as a  result of poor reconciliation practices.  

Significant opportunity cost lost as a result  of not managing Insurers payable must not  be greater than $100,000.00 in a six  months period.  

a. Reconciliation errors should not  negatively and significantly impact  account balances and financial  


b. No instances of funds unaccounted for  as a result of poor reconciliation  



Quality customer service is delivered to  external and internal customers. 

a. Not more than two (2) complaints  (where the company is at fault) related to  

assigned Insurers’ accounts that  

significantly and negatively impact  the company business or customer relationships  within a six-month period. 



b. Insurers accounts queries are  

communicated, investigated and  

resolved according to established company  policies and procedures.  

c. Unresolved conflicts should not  negatively and significantly impact  on the employee’s and/or  

department’s performance and  

workplace harmony. 

Internal Business 

Quality control of assigned accounts and  reports to ensure that standards, policies  and procedures are maintained.  

Lodgements to the company accounts  

Accounting records maintained according  to the company standards e.g. files, logs and  receipts  

Accounting supplies maintained, tape for  debit and credit card machines  

lodgement books and postal stamps. 

1. No incidence of inefficiencies in the  monitoring and reporting of assigned  accounts that significantly and  

negatively impacts the business.  

2. Insurers amounts payable is based on  client collection and are paid within  established the company and Insurance  

Industry policies and practices.  

3. Cash reconciliations practices are done  within established companies and general  accounting policies and practices.  

Timely lodgment of all monies received.  (Completed by 9:30 a.m. the following day)  for Main, General and ALL Related  company accounts.  

No incidence of inefficiencies in the  retrieval of accounting records.  

No incidences of loss of income or  processing delays as a result of the absence  of accounting supplies. 

Learning and Growth 


∙ Monitor and reinforce positive  company values  

Pursue personal development  initiatives that are consistent with  company goals (such as seminars,  membership in a professional  

organization and/or pursuit of  

further professional qualifications  relevant to the post). 

Full conformance with company values  

At least (1) one or more internal and/or  external developmental experiences  arranged or discussed during the fiscal  year. 

Job Duties  

Management/Administrative Responsibilities  

1. Co-ordinating, logging and preparing all returned cheque documentation on a  timely basis to ensure prompt posting to Client Accounts. Notification to relevant  Account Handlers regarding returned cheques including system notification. 

2. Logging all post-dated cheques and monitoring to ensure timely subsequent  receipt by utilizing software system reminders.  

3. Monitoring and ordering all lodgment books, postal stamps and tape for Debit and  Credit card machines.  

4. Scanning and uploading to client files ALL over-the-counter cheques received  from the client. This is to facilitate completeness as all other cheques are scanned  by the Registry Department.  

5. Daily monitoring of value books to ensure that receipt numbers are      recorded. 6. Cancellation & Pre-cancellation lists and notices are monitored and responded to   within the specified period.  

7. Periodically review and recommend any controls to improve this area.  8. Filing of all printed receipts for the company and related companies.  

9. Filing all debit & credit card summaries. (Photocopy or scanned document).  

Technical/Professional Responsibilities  

1. Receipting and allocating ALL payments to the company daily using the company’s Insurance  Broking software system for Main Account. End of Day Reconciliation with Value  Book and software system.  

2. Proper pre-allocation of receipts to binders rather than policies.  

3. Receipting & allocating ALL payments to the company daily for General Account. 4. Receipting all payments for related companies daily. 

5. Timely lodgment of all monies received. (Completed by the next day). This  includes Main, General and ALL Related companies 

6. Daily settlement of Debit and Credit Card Machines which includes reconciliation  with broking software system.  

7. JMD Insurance Payables Cheque Remittances accurately and efficiently prepared  and issued within the required time. (1st and 2nd remittances). Long-Standing  amounts, Refunds, Stamp Duties, NCD letters payments and payment reversals  dealt with consistently on a monthly basis.  

8. Manages and reconciles the assigned petty cash and change floats. 


Human Resource Responsibilities  

1. Identifies, discusses and commits to professional development opportunities.  2. Participates positively in performance management conversations and  experiences.  

3. Maintains professional conduct based on the values, human resource policies and  practices of the company.  

4. Promote healthy working relationships with co-workers and external business  partners.  

Other Responsibilities  

1. Perform other duties that are consistent with the business of the company as assigned from  time to time by the Senior Accountant.  

Reports to:  

Directly: Accounting Supervisor  

Indirectly: Group, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant  

Direct reports:  



1. Custodian for all cash and cheques incoming to the company.  

2. Custodian for assigned petty cash and change floats.  

3. Act as custodian for value books, lodgement books, electronic banking machines,  relevant stationery and supplies.  

4. Access to the company's vault and safe.  

Working conditions:  

∙ Regular work hours and on occasions may be required to work outside of normal  working hours.  

∙ Normal office environment  

General Accounting Officer Collections Officer Accounting Receivables Officer