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Company Profile

People centered, technologically driven and innovative are just a few terms that holistically describe Choice Business Solutions Limited (CBS). Formed in 2004 by the versatile Janet Smythe, CBS is committed to providing workforce management services, which also includes a constant supply of a qualified, well organized and productive workforce.

  • Established date: 2004
  • Physical address per location: Unit 1, 5 Oxford Park Avenue , Kingston 5
  • Phone and fax numbers: 876-908-1863 / 876-908-0546
  • Website URL: erecruit.choicebusinesssolutions.net
  • Email address: choice@choicebusinesssolutions.net
  • Description of the business mission:

    To make organizations efficient and profitable by providing a customized, diverse, talented, competent, qualified and efficient workforce through on-going management in a supportive environment. Our standards include bringing out the best in people, respecting our customers, committing to continuous success and maintaining confidentiality between our clients and relationships. Aiming for excellence too, is another moral code that guides our conduct and the service we offer, as well as fueling an innovative spirit among our team members and customers and spreading love among ourselves and to others.

  • Description of the business vision:

    To increase the success of organizations worldwide by providing a workforce with the right people at the right place at the right time.

  • Product descriptions:

    Since our inception, CBS has been spreading our tentacles internationally to achieve its mandate, which is to increase the success of companies globally by supplying the suitable employees.

  • Description of services:

    In addition to workforce outsourcing made possible by our very own reputable techniques, CBS also specializes in payroll preparation, benefits and management, HR Administrative services, consultation, recruitment, training prospective and current employees.

  • History, expansion, and growth:

    We are incomparable to other companies that profess to offer similar resources. Our methodology, flexibility and proficiency separates us from the rest, giving you one more reason to seek our services. At CBS, originality and creativity always take precedence, especially as it concerns executing our tasks. As such, we are work assiduously to device unique in house applications that will yield the results we desire. For instance, our three year old E-Recruitment, a special software that enables an analysis of individuals, which employers can utilize to make the best decisions. Applicants also benefit from the programme. It affords persons the ability to assess themselves and prospective employment options. Given the favourable outcomes of this apparatus we are determined to devise others that are equally effective and efficient in a number of arenas.

  • Core team details:

    Founded under principles of honesty, integrity and perpetual growth that reflect its creator’s comportment, the entity now has four directors: Smyth her sons Calvin and Kyle Malcolm and company secretary Jacqueline Donaldson. Each work diligently to uphold the organization’s core values, which in turn results in top notch tangible and intangible products for all its customers ranging from the small establishments to the large enterprises.

  • Special programs and projects:

    The People Line was launched in November 2018. The first retail line under the CBS umbrella. The line carries six pieces of high end jewelry conceptualized by CEO, Janet Smythe in collaboration with a Jamaican Jewelry Designer and Jeweler.

  • Number of employees: Internally: 15, Contractors: 140

  • Why CBS?

    Competent and Experienced Leadership Team

    Our leadership team has over thirty years combined experience in project management, production management

    Qualified Workforce

    Each CBS contractor goes through a rigorous recruitment process including psychometric testing to ensure that they are matched with the right job.

    Satisfied Customers

    CBS has partnered with national and international companies to deliver exceptional service. Some of our clients include Whirlpool, Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited, Mayberry Investments, and Victoria Mutual